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Original Silverware Rest™

A revolutionary product design. It is the only versatile product that can advertise, educate and promote on a fully functional platform. Original Silverware Rest™ is changing the landscapes of tabletops everywhere.

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What Is It?

original silverware rest™

Our Story


Original Silverware Rest™ is a new and innovative way to promote your brand! You can customize your messages while providing a clean dining experience for your audience.

  • - Effective Part of Your Marketing Campaign
  • - Unlimited Design Possibilities
  • - Functional and Disposable
  • - Keeps Utensils Off Potentially Contaminated Surfaces
  • - Upsell Customers


It was created to be The 180 Degree Difference for all entities. For the consumer, the difference is keeping utensils off the surface for a contaminant-free and neater dining experience. For the restaurant, upsells and add-ons have never been so effective. For the advertiser, the difference is keeping the message right-side up and always in use by the consumer.

  • - Increases ROI
  • - 9/10 Consumers Prefer Using Original Silverware Rest™
  • - Doesn’t Take Up Additional Table Space
  • - Keeps Utensils Up
  • - Helps Prevent Stains on Table Linens
  • - Reduces Requests for Extra Napkins


It is the only versatile product that can advertise, educate and promote your business on a functional platform. This works in both fine dining and casual settings. It can display your company logo, featured menu items, or be a space for advertisements. You can even create customizable name reservations for any catered event, such as weddings, trade shows or fundraisers!

  • - Restaurants
  • - Bars and Pubs
  • - Catered Events
  • - Marketing Space for Promotional Advertisers
  • - Corporate Events